Trust via cost function driven model based test case generation for non-functional properties of systems of systems (TRUCONF) is a research project that is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

TRUCONF sets out to increase trust in and reliability of systems of systems, going beyond the standard notion of functional correctness. It will focus on emergent non-functional properties of complex composed systems and extend – as well as adopt – well-established modelling, verification and testing techniques. In closing the modelling-testing loop, TRUCONF will also explore automated non-functional property learning techniques. Outcome of TRUCONF will be a language for rigorous system design, backed by theory and tools that allow the thorough, systematic and efficient validation of diverse non-functional properties of a system of systems. TRUCONF was motivated by the real-world needs of the industry partner and will, once successful, help increasing its competitiveness in a global market.

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